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He then convinces the entire town to daub their homes and businesses in red paint and lay out a feast to welcome the approaching Bridges gang, for no apparent reason. For the entire movie, this chillingly ambiguous figure makes it his mission to humiliate and terrorise every man and woman who has seemingly wronged him.

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The difference between Trump and the anti-war, pro-gun control Eastwood being that the director here is critical of such behaviour. Tags: Clint Eastwood. Little Women review — A melancholic masterpiece from Greta Gerwig. Fifty years ago, The Shooting and Ride in the Whirlwind kicked off the ultimate counter-cultural genre.

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During daylight hours, he's a freelance editor, writer, web designer, and audio producer. His audio work has been featured on Colorado Public Radio , Rooftop Audible , and numerous independent podcasts. He was the digital media marketing manager for The Humor Code , a book about the science of humor.

His writing has been featured in publications such as Backpacker , Mountain Bike , Bicycling , , Westword , and Breckenridge magazine. He was the male perspective columnist for Complete Woman magazine and one time he worked for three weeks as a tarot card reader for Miss Cleo's Psychic Readers Network. He quickly rose in the hearts and minds of the High Plains staff as a formidable man, capable of great feats. With the vigor of a man half his age, Carlos has become an all-around saint of festival goodness, sprinkling every venue, green room, and after party with purity and beer for all to drink.

When he is not attending a comedy show or helping a friend, you can find him building podcast studios, snapping photos on the street, or chilling in El Gringo his van. Order for Brown and Behymer to do duty as lieutenants.

High Plains Anthem

Horses issued to Co. Did not want to go to stables as I was busy. Captain chose a horse for me. Like him passably well. Went to stable call and got back just as bugle sounded for parade: Capt. Apt, sergeant; Lieut. Too much on hand for a half hour. I help issue clothing and wind up for the evening by copying letters organizing Co. Dance at band room breaks up in a row. Welsh and his wife part.

Wedding "down street. The band serenades them. Music sounds very well; night still and moonlit. Orders for drill twice a day, in the morning mounted and in the evening on foot. When will be the last?

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That is more than can be told by any of us. Men drill very well. My horse full of life; can hardly manage him at times. Brown moves to new quarters; seems like breaking up a family. Captain told me to act as orderly sergeant today, perhaps henceforth. Hardly time to get ready for dress parade. Rode the captain's horse, my own too lively. Dress parade. Florentine and Mack ordered under arrest on account of absence. Florentine released to go on guard tomorrow.

Fill out descriptive rolls and clothing accounts until bedtime.

High Plains Drifter (3/8) Movie CLIP - I'm the Sheriff and the Mayor (1973) HD

Poor turnout at evening drill. Wedding "down street": Sergt. Schnyder to cross-eyed Julia. Band serenades them. Big supper. Must be going to have a cold winter as weddings are all the rage. Collins out to see us drill. Provoked at some of the men. Orderly's position not an easy one. Can begin to see through the press of business. Received seven letters. The major was complimentary to our neat stables. Tom Sinclair [24] and myself called to the front of the column.

Major ordered two men of Co. D and one of Co. K to stand at attention for 15 minutes after companies left parade, because of nonattention. Laramie "Varieties" perform tonight: I act as cashier and ticket agent. Better than before; not quite so much whiskey. Splendid music: violin, guitar, melodeon, and brass band. The best playing on the melodeon I have ever heard; Mr. Raymond from Salt Lake. Dress parade; two absent; I am ordered to send them to the guard house. Don't like the business but it must be done. Hard for men who work all day to attend parade.

Drill at the gallop. Haul wood from the hills. Promotion of Sinclair and Patton read on parade. The money is going toward furnishing the reading room with papers for winter reading. Night clear; beautiful starlight; myriads of stars. A veterans start for the States with three cheers for Ohio.

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They will see some rough weather before they get to Leavenworth. Mail started out, Lieut. Williams with it, also Tallman, who is going to Omaha to clerk. Orders read for general inspection tomorrow; everybody to come out. Draw stable frocks for the company. Battalion drill; do rather poorly; too windy to hear the commands; Lieut. Brown acting adjutant.

Company drill afterwards. Go to stables, carry out all the saddles, and then lead out all the horses in line. Reeves, inspector. Wood says that quarters are clean and look well. Looks very much like winter.

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  • Muster for pay; 58 of Co. K on hand. This will quiet the complainers. Then I thought the war would close before a year, but still the strife goes on. The non-commissioned staff and companies A and D want to go home.

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    They send in a remonstrance to the colonel demanding that they be sent home, or they will take the matter into their own hands and go. Issue cartridges to all. Drill until time for recall, but none comes.