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Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Welcome to the world of urban police legend and lore. Homicidal Humor offers a glimpse of life through the eyes of a homicide detective, whose ability to see the funnier side of tragedy has helped keep him sane. These fictional short stories, inspired by real cops and real cases, are set in areas along the Texas Gulf Coast and include historical facts and interesting tidbits about the city of Houston and its police department.

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All individuals, as well as locations alluded to, are fictitious. You might say the names have been changed to protect the imbeciles. See what fans think about Homicidal Humor: "Funny and enlightening, but the author may have to change his name and leave the state once this publication hits the streets. Judge R.

Rough and unvarnished. Fast-moving and very entertaining. I truly enjoyed this book.

I woke my husband with my screams. He asked what was wrong.

She’s a Sagittarius like Ted Bundy, so it makes perfect sense.

I told him that Clementine tried to rip out my jugular! My husband looked at my neck, then at the pillow, then back at my neck. He reached over with a big dumb smirk on his face and picked a feather off my nightshirt. He insisted I had been poked by one of the feathers from my chakra alignment pillow.

Aquarians are completely useless in an emergency. I locked her in the bedroom, ignoring her pitiful meows. Until your son opened the wrong door. But this is serious! The kids would have been blindfolded bait for those demonic claws. So we made weapons instead of slime.

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  • 'Murder in the Heir' is homicidal humor!

When you think about it, Barbara, they are basically the same thing. Both can leave us with a bunch of injured, crying children and a mess. I needed them to be able to defend themselves against Clementine.

Homicidal Humor : Street Stories, Statements, Confessions and Quotes

Kick me out of the mom group if you want. But be warned, what happened to me could happen to you too. But that gerbil is a Gemini, just like Jeffrey Dahmer, and the lunar eclipse is just around the corner. And be careful where you put your bathroom toaster.

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Thanks for reading! Sign in. Get started. Finally, I decide: it has no other place to go, so what the hell? Why do all these editors pass up the good stuff??? It simply boggles. I'll bet your glorious day of acceptance is just around the corner, Bob. Keep thinkin' that - K? Monday, January 13, Homicidal Humor. Anonymous January 13, at AM. Susan Sundwall January 13, at AM.