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Nobody offered anything. Pretty awesome, but not full-field.


Anyone who says any particular football thing has never happened is saying so at their own risk. The college level alone has had hundreds of thousands of games, so the chances of seeing something truly unprecedented are slim at this point. A naked bootleg only works if the offense bets a weak-side edge defender will keep cheating away from his run fit. A fake fair catch only works if punt coverage is lax at finishing plays. A flea flicker only works if defensive backs bite on the handoff and let a receiver run past them. The score was when the Buffs took the ball at their own four-yard line with to play.

So on the first play out of a TV timeout, the Buffs ran the thing.

NFL Defenses Need to Be Quicker to Prevent the Flea-Flicker | OZY

The running back has to sell it, and then he has to put his foot in the ground and make the pitch back to the quarterback good. That, and the offensive line has to not let anyone kill the running back while he stops and turns. The eventual receiver, K. Nixon, has an important job, one that comes well before catching the ball. Nixon squared his hips to make it look like he was about to crack back 19, Marquel Dismuke, the Nebraska safety who was keying run, then blitzing Montez after the backward pitch. That made 5, Cam Taylor-Britt, a corner effectively playing safety, stand still for a beat too long:.

WATCH: Steven Montez’s Flea-Flicker To K.D. Nixon Was Longest Pass In College Football In 3 Years

Taylor-Britt became the guy Nixon passed on his way into the end zone. Otherwise, the middle of the field was open, just like it had been in the first quarter. If anything, Nebraska brought more pressure on the run than CU expected, but the play worked anyway. So from that perspective, it was safe.

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  2. Patriots perfectly execute 34-yard flea-flicker to extend lead over Steelers;
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  4. Patriots perfectly execute 34-yard flea-flicker to extend lead over Steelers.
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But even if they did, we had ways, or our structure of our deal was able to pick up the blitz. The Buffs won in overtime, sealing the point comeback and four-point upset.

Quite possibly the greatest flea flicker ever

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BUT - these type of products come with their own health consequences for you and your family. If you take your dog for regular walks and your yard is fairly clear, then yes this product works. We have been using it on both dogs for years and combined with Diat. Earth have only had 2 ticks.

It does smell at first but goes away within like 15 min. Plus the smell doesn't bother me and I am super sensitive to smells. We love this product! I spray it in my ankles when I walk my dogs. I have found fleas on my dog twice since using this. I use once a day and still found fleas. Works fast. I want a safe, natural product for my little chihuahua he is almost 13 so very careful what goes on him. This is a great option. Our dogs did not itch as bad after the first treatment.

Gets better with each application. I spray this on my pup prior to our hikes as an additional measure to protect him from ticks. It has a natural smell that isn't too powerful or offensive. So far happy with the product.

I have not called the company yet, but I kind of gave up on it and wet back to DE to treat my cat. I did try it as instructed on the directions, but where I sprayed him on the back of the neck is literally where I combed out the most fleas a couple hours later. Great so far during the cold months. Smell is good. Keeps all bugs away if you're sitting outdoors and it smells fresh.

Have tried dozens of natural products and nothing worked. Not sure if the product actually kills the fleas or repels them. Either way, I'm happy! Ark Naturals Flea Flicker! In stock. Key Benefits An easy-to-use spray naturally repels and kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes on contact. Eco-friendly and natural botanicals help to repel and destroy biting insects without chemicals. Leaves a fresh scent, unlike most sprays that contain unappealing chemicals. Works without pyrethrin, citronella, cedar leaf or lemongrass. Gentle formula is great for dogs with sensitivities.

Important Information Fleas rise to the top of your pet's coat as they die, so consider it a triumph if you start seeing more fleas at first, after treating your pet. Item Number. Shake well. For dogs and cats 12 weeks old and older. Where is this product sourced from? High-Quality Solutions Ark Naturals grooming products are made with high-quality ingredients to support and remedy your pet's skin, coat and oral health needs and concerns. Shampoos Don't Worry Shop Shampoos. Sprays Don't Shed On Me!