Dialogue with the Devil

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In his homily on February 10, Pope Francis contrasted the way Eve interacted with the serpent in the garden of Eden and the way Jesus reacted to the devil after spending 40 days in the desert. Jesus, on the other hand, does not enter into a dialogue with the devil, but responds to his temptations by quoting Scripture, Pope Francis said. Such a prayer is a sign of courage, he said.

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Francis urges faithful to be vigilant every day. Pope Francis delivered a video message to a Christian unity celebration in Phoenix. Carol Glatz.

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Satan is a specialist in deception, and a cheat who “doesn’t pay well.”

For one man on a life-long pursuit for the truth, a chilling relationship with the Fallen Angel brings him a soul shattering insight into the world we live in. It's a War in which most of mankind lives in total ignorance. Here, Biro searches for reasons to the madness of humanity by asking direct questions of Satan.

Don't dialogue with the devil, pope says at Mass

He grew weary of the falling of mankind and decided to offer up the Truth -- His Truth, His manipulations, His deviousness. Satan has been altering mindsets from the very beginning, and this book reveals, straight from Satan's mouth, the plan for mankind's slow, downward spiral into Hell.

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In this book, the Devil has evened the playing field by offering His history, His deceitful machinations. Will you read this book, no matter how unnerving, and use its startling information to prevent your fall from God's good graces?

Dialogue between God and the Devil and Adam and the Angels

Your book was really powerful and the Dialogue you had with the Devil is just amazing. This is going to be a book that is going to take the world by storm, seriously.

Dialogues with the Devil

I don't tell that to anyone and have been writing for over twenty years and let me tell you, there is nothing out there like this. Mitch Hyman, Author of "Hitmen in Paradise". It's funny I choked several times on my beer reading it. It's mind blowing and Satan was just so chaotic and manipulative, I loved reading it. It's unlike anything I have ever read, yet again.