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Let us know your own activities and ideas that you enjoy by leaving us a comment below. Hunt for Hidden Eggs.

London Treasure Hunts

Our clever talking rabbit will give you a clue to where you might find each egg, so be sure to listen carefully. You can search for as few or as many eggs as you like, but you must find all of the first five eggs in order to find the golden egg, which contains an extra special prize! If the weather is less than pleasant, then why not replace the traditional outdoor Easter egg hunt with an indoor version to entertain little ones?

If chocolate eggs are too easy to find, try hiding jelly beans, with a series of cryptic clues to help seek them out. Remember to make a note of the number of jelly beans you have hidden to avoid finding sticky sweets at a later date! Egg Rolling.

This is a lot of fun for all ages, and all you need is some eggs and a large hill. Remember, the steeper the hill, the more thrilling the race, but the harder the climb afterwards! Have fun decorating your boiled eggs beforehand with dyes and paints, and then take them along with you on your next Treasure Trail to add some extra excitement to your day. You never know what landscapes you may find that will make the ideal egg racing track!

Take the kids on … a Treasure Trails self-guided walk: review

Easter crafts are good fun and an ideal boredom breaker if the weather is just too horrid to be outside. Learning how to create origami chicks and bunnies is an enjoyable exercise and your creations can be used afterwards to decorate Easter cards, create bunting or even place names for your Easter table.

Mission London A Scavenger Hunt Adventure Travel Book For Kids

Knitting is another traditional craft that can be taught to children and enjoyed by adults alike. There are plently of fun patterns and kits available that only require simple stitches and a ball of yarn, aside the odd googly eye.

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Test test 27th March Posted In: Easter. We're serious about security.

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We use cookies to enhance and provide the best online experience. To find out more, click here. Where would you like to explore? Enter Location. In no particular order here a small selection. Trails in pedestrian only areas For Treasure Trails to work well, the Trail writers need clue material and the best material is found in cities and towns rather than out in the countryside. One of the picture clues in Worcester The Worcester in Pictures Treasure Trail is also set around a pedestrianised area, the centre of Worcester. Look out for Romans!

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Trails to engage children in history The Caerleon For Kids Picture Trail is all about the Romans and perfect for getting children interested in the history of those times. What no directions?

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Picture only Trails Find us on facebook with this photo Our Trail writers have written picture only Trails in some of our most popular locations including Bourton on the Water ; Durham and Norwich and in all these places not only are there picture only Trails, but regular ones as well. Trails to do in the rain And finally, move along please and mind the gap! Egg Rolling This is a lot of fun for all ages, and all you need is some eggs and a large hill. Easter Crafts Easter crafts are good fun and an ideal boredom breaker if the weather is just too horrid to be outside.

Instructions are easy to find on the internet, ranging from the easy to the more complex. Sign up for free games, competitions and news Enter your email address here. There is no better way to stop the kids getting distracted, and consequently grumpy, than to incorporate a London Treasure Hunt or quiz into your tour of London.

More about our Kids Family & Friends treasure hunt...

To that end Richard has devised several treasure hunts and quizes to go with his tours, and these are available at no extra charge when you book one of the tours that Richard offers. By incorporating the treasure hunt option into your tour around London, every memeber of the group will have something to occupy them as they make their way around the streets of London, and Richard will give gentle hints when the solution to one of the clues, or the answer to one of the questions is drawing close. Although the treasure hunt aspect is intended to entertain the kids througout the day, what often happens is that the entire family - mums, dads, grand parents and even older siblings - get involved in trying to solve the challenges, find the answers, and complete the "missions" that are set out at the start of the tour.

By availing themselves of this particular service, families with children can devote themselves to concentrating on the commentary of the tour, whilst the children, both old and young, and under your full supervision at all times, hunt for strange and bizarre items of street furniture, try to find the solutions to several puzzles and riddles, perform all manner of fun tasks, and generally have a great time as they explore the streets of London.

Simply book the tour you wish and fill in the number of children in your party on the booking form. We will then ask you, when we confirm your tour, if you'd like to include the treasure hunt option.

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  • Make exploring the city much more exciting with these London treasure hunts and immersive games.